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The Infallibility Booth by Hugh Roberts

THE CANDY-STRIPED ENVELOPE had arrived URGENT post-marked August 21st 2085, the day after his thirtieth birthday. He hadn’t been surprised and when his neighbor caught sight of the telltale mail, she’d smiled at him reassuringly as if to say, “This is probably for the best,

Sisyphus by Hugh Roberts

AFTER THE CEREMONY, it didn’t take long for us to light up a spliff. Cole had five rolled, so in true blue Vermont fashion we round-housed two of the bones on the ride down to the reception. Riding the gondola from the top of the

I Am the Walrus by Hugh Roberts

WE SAT AT THE BAR in Storrs, Connecticut swilling middling whiskey and waiting for the women in our lives. It had been just over a year since I’d last seen my father. He’d sold our family home and taken up residence as a houseguest with