Only What I Remember

I. Slug Dive

Wake up slug. Time to dream. Let’s chat in space, let’s suspend. A casual leap into gravity like you tasted the glass eye and dove like a slug. You wanted to. You said let’s go. So you did and I had no clue where to, but I gripped you and we fell back so hard it stung like a violent hiss and felt crazy good too.

Colors dragged. Made a slow motion blur come real. Somehow we ended up in control. We hovered over bluish for some time then gently settled back.

We didn’t die. But maybe we did.

We found ourselves coastal, wandering somewhere in the Netherlands. No questions were posed. I didn’t know why we were there but it was right. We stroked the streets and it was beautiful and I wanted to stay for a while but a dark call salted our scene and took us out of that warped stroll. A ridiculous haze started to clear. Fear became real. Words hollered out and floated through the air in the cold distance. We remained.

Our world muted.


Dive into more of Jessica Levin’s dream worlds in SN8:Nightmoon, the next issue of Sheriff Nottingham, coming out November 12th