Wander West, Young Man by Dayle

MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY inspires a certain kind of madness, notably different than fleeing over an ocean for exploits requiring little more than two suitcases, a camera and a backpack. After more than a year of wistful gazes towards the sunset, I had finally left

It’s How Big? by Alexa Martinez

I WAS PREPARING for another several months out at sea, and with that preparation comes extensive medicals. I was due for a pap smear and gynecological check as well, so I was knocking all the birds with one stone, so to speak. The only thing

Teaching With Depression by Laura Koroski

WE WERE AT A DINGY DINER in a western border town of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when I failed to save my camper. It felt like I was trapped, or frozen. For all my training, I couldn’t seem to respond to the panicked shouts of “She’s

Where the Wind Blows by Chris Blim

BAD BURRITO. FILMING.  Last Year.  Martinsburg, West Virginia. I’m sitting in a harshly lit lobby of a Comfort Inn, in West Virginia, at a tall table with chairs too short for it made out of particle board and vinyl, eating a bad burrito I ordered

Oh, Why Did I Eat the Ribs? by Dan Shapiro

A SURREAL CULINARY NIGHTMARE at 30,000 Feet It was just after the final security checkpoint at Ngurah Rai International Airport when the cold sweat kicked in on a warm, humid September evening. Two weeks of stunning Indonesian sunsets along the west coast of Bali were

Pancakes & Promises by John J. Staughton

LONDON, ENGLAND  As the man’s eyes opened, it felt like a regular Tuesday, another anonymous morning, of equal estrangement from his life across the ocean as the night before had been. However, the bustle of activity outside the door betrayed normality. The flat of typically

The Lobster by Faye Griffiths

OUR HOUSE, A COLONIAL BUILDING with high ceilings and enormous hardwood doors, had been in my mother’s family since her great-grandparents’ generation, since long before the revolution. It was a fantastic house, with heavy shutters on each window that completely blacked it out at night,

Home I’ll Never Be by Ryan A. Lough

I ARRIVED IN TUSCALOOSA earlier this evening, by way of Birmingham. Tuesday night. My day began a country mile east of Atchafalaya, in the heart of Old Louisianne. My shoe leather was worn thin, so I put my thumb out at first light, hoping for

The Seven Gables by Bobby Minelli

“WHAT OTHER DUNGEON is so dark as one’s own heart! What jailer so inexorable as one’s self!” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of the Seven Gables 1. When I was nine years old, I had a dream that I couldn’t wake up from. My parents

Coconut by Aaron Golden

SHE ARRIVED TO CAMP on Monday afternoon with my two closest friends on the playa, a mischievous polyamorous couple from Tucson. It was Coconut’s first burn and within the hour she had joined us on an LSD-fueled bike ride through the still-emerging city of dust

FUCK. by Chris Blim

BACK IN JUNE, on the day of the California Primary, I rode my bike down Micheltorena Street to Sunset Boulevard into the heart of Silverlake, and I caught Bernie Sanders giving out handshakes like they were going out of style. Turns out they were…  Going out

Amerijuana by Hugh Dunome

MY MOUTH WOKE ME UP. It was wide open, resting on old carpet decorated with last night’s party, covering the floor of a decades-old RV in the middle of a desert. For reasons related to the mess on the floor, the camper’s door, like my

Endless Summer by Mac Cushing

I’M THIRTY-ONE, still have most of my looks, and the summer is endless. I start my routine around 4 pm. First, I lay my uniform out on my bed, feed my dog, and then slip into the shower while she eats. Then I shave, put

Between the Lines by Hugh Stone

THE FIRST TWO LINES are always the best. I wish someone had told me that up front, though I doubt it would have stopped me. The anticipation that comes from seeking a connection, picking up, and making your way home with a little bag of