I Am the Walrus by Hugh Roberts

WE SAT AT THE BAR in Storrs, Connecticut swilling middling whiskey and waiting for the women in our lives. It had been just over a year since I’d last seen my father. He’d sold our family home and taken up residence as a houseguest with

The City in the Sky by Max Silver

WALTER STOOD FACING THE MIRROR, fingertips poised on the final button of his light gray suit. It was a perfect shade of blue—not too light, not too dark—with a beautifully curved edge and four flawless holes punched through it. The button was exactly identical to

SN2 | Equal Night

Equal Night:  Volume 1, Issue 2 Publication Date:  March 20, 2015 Authors:  Chris Blim, John J. Staughton, Max Silver, Hugh Roberts, Clara Feda, Jessica Jade Andres, Quinlan Orear, Matt Piet, La Tisha Conto, Roger de Laci Equal Night is available here.

The Empty Bottle by John J. Staughton

SARA PICKED UP THE REMOTE control and dusted it for the second time that morning. She softly hummed a tune to herself, a discordant cross between the Final Jeopardy theme song and the original Mario Brothers background music. Years of listening to Tom’s frustrated trivia

Silly Humans by John J. Staughton

THE FIRST HOWL THAT SLICED through the painted night shook me from my thoughts, but it was quickly followed by a second, and then a dozen more. It was a haunting moan of collective ecstasy, soaring boundless across the dying sky. The middle-aged woman clad

SN1 | New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day:  Volume 1, Issue 1 Publication Date:  January 1st, 2015 Authors:  Chris Blim, John J. Staughton, Jessica Jade Andres, Adrienne Thomas, La Tisha Conto, Drew Michael, and Roger de Laci. New Year’s Day is available here. Read Chapter One of To God Knows Where by