The Theory of Revolution by Steven Lazaroff



The stones crown through soil.

We swallow the broken rocks

back down into soil like a world child

stolen back to womb, Too soon,

we say. Change is inches, we say.

We say, change is incremental,

we say. But are we cold to the hot

addicted & tattered & hungry

streets that only our feet touch?


Is there a, a,

‘a’, singular

massive monolith

revolution with etched face

rushing past roots, begging —

no, demanding — liberté,

égalité, fraternité? I don’t know. I hope. I play.

On a Theory of Revolution


Revolution is radical change.

Radical sees. Radical cares.

Radical judges.

Radical prescribes. Radical subverts. Radical flips.

Radical ruptures.

Radical transcends. Radical becomes. Radical imagines. Radical plays.

Radical creates.


Change is difference between

points, movements, potential to actual.

Human change is vice or virtue

founded in cowardly sludge

fired in molten hero

depending on tiptoe’s leap

depends on heel’s arch

depended on shin’s spine

depending on knee’s torque:

heart flash sprints!

against blood’s undertow; this is the all & every.


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