Wandering the Western Womb

The hungry sense for travel,
Universal in its draw,
Stirs souls of every color, age,
Faith, appetite and call.

O’er middling plains, towards Eastern shores,
Or westward mountain steep,
The itch to move is scratched anew
By those who seek the sea.

As peaks peer up at iron birds,
And we gaze wondering down,
A quiet hush falls over both,
Held breath without a sound.

The water gives to all who need,
Plants, animals and shores,
Yet humans dipping toes to chill,
Few others feel it more.

To cleanse and drown in sea-green death,
Blister blue in life-spawn morn,
Savage power and gentle rush of tides
Preaching calm ‘fore every storm.

Fluid green sips endless energy,
Binding earth back down to sea,
Yet when its gifts are gone or lost,
Cycles swing it back for free.

The road needs wilds to give it form,
As men need fairer skin,
Escaping lends a separate peace,
Closed eyes turned back within.

We circle back upon our lives,
As older rattling minds,
And give that sprig of wisdom
To those following in time.


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